Traditional market research firms focus on consumer-based research, leaving B2B marketers and product managers at a disadvantage. It’s time to change that model.

We take the time to understand the strategic business model of each of our B2B clients, the client’s customers, and any upstream and downstream stakeholders. Our extensive background in business, marketing and strategic analysis allows us frame the study correctly, ask the right questions, build credibility with respondents and interpret the results in a meaningful way. 

From beginning to end, we can manage the details, including secondary market research, questionnaire design, survey administration, analyses and reporting, and keep you informed every step of the way.

B2B Market Research projects

QEAN has completed a number of B2B market research projects. The following are some examples: 

  • Analyze focus group data to understand contractor attitudes towards the client company and its competitors, and collect ideas for future product improvements.

  • Determine customer satisfaction among quality control managers and product distributors for a major provider of testing products and reference materials.

  • Conduct a client audit to determine the company’s image, recall of marketing touchpoints and general impressions of the company’s celebrity spokesperson.

  • Develop a detailed product launch plan for a new line of industrial products.

  • Brainstorm brand names for a pharmacy workflow management device.

  • Conduct qualitative research, on behalf of a non-profit, to better understand dentist preferences.

  • Summarize email privacy regulations in the European Union for a creative agency.

  • Compile insurance trends for a financial services provider.

  • Identify potential opportunities for a new corporate responsibility initiative.

  • Research companies and market opportunities for possible corporate investment.

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