From genomics, to applied immunology, to the use of 3D printing for biological tissue and beyond, it’s an exciting time to be working in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology. 

For companies in the life sciences and biotechnology areas, bringing a new product to market involves many steps coordinated between the clinical, operations and management sides of the business.

Market research is useful in the early stages of product development to determine how many people could be helped and the total value of the addressable market. Later, as the product yields favorable results in clinical trials and clears its FDA approvals, research supporting a product launch and marketing plan becomes especially important. 

Based on your life sciences market research objectives, we help you with sample specifications and identification of the appropriate respondents. From in-depth interviews to online surveys, we can manage all the details, including questionnaire design, survey administration, analyses and reporting. We can also assist you with specific tasks, including data consolidation, charting, and analysis, using independent data sources.

Life Sciences Market Research Projects

Examples of life sciences and biotechnology market research projects we have worked on:

  • Identify key value drivers, decision criteria and potential usage of a new technical product and service targeted toward engineers and scientists at life sciences companies.

  • Facilitate branding ideation for a new company offering targeted cancer therapies.

  • Compile incidence rates and additional metrics for selected rare and orphan diseases.

  • Conduct in-depth interviews of scientists and the business community on behalf of a university department.

  • Provide blue ocean-style strategy recommendations for a testing laboratory serving a life sciences market.

  • Source targeted sales leads and marketing opportunities for a laboratory products manufacturer.

  • Provide background information on a specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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