Quantitative Research

Consider quantitative research when you want to test an idea, evaluate options or build a more robust data set. 

Quantitative research is complex and involves a lot of moving parts. Sample size, sample composition, segmentation plan, questionnaire design, recruitment, screening criteria, questionnaire design, testing, respondent and data validation, cross-tab specifications and reporting, data analysis, charts and recommendations are all part of the mix.

We can help design your quantitative research study and manage it from start to finish, or any point in between.

Depending on the type of project, we utilize online, telephone or print surveys. Respondents can be recruited from your customer house file, a pre-recruited panel, or a third-party list.

When should I use quantitative research?

Quantitative research is the right tool to use when you want to:

  • Confirm or refute hypotheses about particular customer perceptions, values and behaviors.
  • Determine if past business initiatives have moved the needle in terms of customer perceptions and behaviors.
  • Track responses over time.
  • Increase sample sizes to decrease the potential for sample bias.
  • Look for correlations between variables.
  • Conduct advanced statistical analyses.
...extremely detailed and knowledgeable regarding how to gather data, how to correctly interpret the data and very professional in her presentation of the data.
— Director of Contract Manufacturing, Bushnell Corporation

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